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Re: DayZ 0.63 (Beta) News

I mean my opinion will be biased cause I've always loved DayZ bugs and all, it was the first game I ever bought on steam, however I truly believe the beta will bring people in with things like base building, modding, and air vehicles, and this time people will stay, hopefully :)

DayZ 0.63 (Beta) News

With the DayZ Demo being live at gamescom, and an interviews about the game, we now know a lot more about whats in store for the DayZ 0.63 beta release. Heres what we know it will include: - Final implementation of new technologies: (Renderer, Physics engine, etc.) - New HUD - New invintory system -...

DayZ 0.62 is now on stable branch

DayZ 0.62 is now on stable branch, I highly recommend that anyone who owns the game checks it out, it is simply quite incredible what they have achieved visually. A few screenshots: -- -- -- -- http://i.imgu...

DayZ 0.62 on experimental!

DayZ 0.62 hit experimental branch a few days ago and I can confidently say it is god damn beautiful.

I recommend you download experimental and see for yourself (its about a 3gb download)

To get experimental go Library -> DayZ -> Properties -> Betas -> Select Experimental

Whats in store for DayZ 0.62?

DayZ 0.62 will largely be a visual overhaul of the forests over Chernarus. This includes: - Variations on the models of the trees - An extensive rework of the undergrowth in the forests - Reworking the colour palette of the tree canopies and how the fit together over vast forests. 0.62 will also inc...

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