DayZ 0.63 (Beta) News

With the DayZ Demo being live at gamescom, and an interviews about the game, we now know a lot more about whats in store for the DayZ 0.63 beta release.

Heres what we know it will include:

- Final implementation of new technologies:
(Renderer, Physics engine, etc.)
- New HUD
- New invintory system
- New melee combat system
- New player animations and movement mechanics
- New gun animations and jamming mechanics

Heres what the developers hope to include in the Beta or very shortly after:

- Base building (yay)
- Air vehicles (Helicopters, planes, duh)
- Modding!

Due to the final implementation of the new technologies, and the final stamping out of the old Arma 2 tech, after the release of 0.63, updates will become much more frequent, with the developers saying they will be working to get the game to 1.0 as fast as they can due to the much easier development of the game due to the new technologies.

Full information in this video:


Re: DayZ 0.63 (Beta) News

I mean my opinion will be biased cause I've always loved DayZ bugs and all, it was the first game I ever bought on steam, however I truly believe the beta will bring people in with things like base building, modding, and air vehicles, and this time people will stay, hopefully :)

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